Monday, December 13, 2010

Sweet Linkage

Today we have links from all over the web with a little something for everyone!

If you haven't been keeping up, The Top Suspense group will be posting part 8 of their round robin story, "The Chase". You can catch up at and don't forget the one who guesses the authors of each piece wins the contest.

Pulp Metal Magazine is have a birthday celebration in honor of their first birthday. There's loads of new stories and all sorts of fun things.

Paul Brazill sent me a note about a new small press called Spectal Press. While submissions are invitation only, it's looks like they'll be publishing some pretty impressive authors.

Over at BookLife Now there's another Western post. This one questions several Western writers about "The Law of the Gun" and writing real people vs writing the myths.

Pulp Carnivale has announced that they'll be launching on January 31, 2011 and they're still open for submissions.

The lists of best short stories continues over at Death by Killing with lists from Nigel Bird, Michael Solender, John Kenyon, Chad Eagleton and me! Check them out - you'll find yourself drowning in great stories!

And if you missed Nano in November you might want to give Jano a try. The Sleuths Ink writers group is hosting this new novel writing month. And it might be a good way to kick start your writing in the new year. You can check them out at


Chris Rhatigan said...

Thanks for the link, Sandra!

sandra seamans said...

My pleasure, Chris, I love when people spread the word about short stories!

Unknown said...

Thank you for the mention!

sandra seamans said...

You're very welcome, Tracy. I'm hoping Pulp Carnivale will be around for a good long time!