Monday, December 13, 2010

Just My 2Cents

Everywhere I looked today the writing world is talking about that old saw, literary vs genre. This morning it finally struck me. A Literary novel is the book I have to read with a dictionary and an encyclopedia in my lap so I can understand what the writer is trying to tell me. Genre is a story I can get lost in without having to worry about whether I understand it or not. A skilled writer has learned how to fold the beauty of his words into a wonderful story that engages the reader. Does it really matter how the writing world views his work?

The purpose of any story, literary or genre, is to engage your readers, not impress your peers.


Charles Gramlich said...


G. B. Miller said...


This is why I very rarely read literary journals.

I really don't want to think while I read, I just want to get lost while I'm reading.

sandra seamans said...

Exactly, G, with some of those literary stories you can feel the author standing over your shoulder saying, "Wow, look at that phase, see how nicely I used that word? It only took me three pages to describe the house, how's that for writing tight?" ;-)