Saturday, December 4, 2010

More New Issues

I know I'm little late with this but there are some new zine issues out there on the virtual streets. Readers usually check out zines like Beat to a Pulp, Spinetingler, and A Twist of Noir that update daily or weekly but we tend to forget those monthly and quarterly zines. Thus the reminder, so you don't miss any of the good stuff.

The Winter issue of Dark Valentine went live yesterday and contains the western short story "Justice Served" by Edward A Grainger, pen name of friend of the Corner, David Cranmer. We've got a lot of Snoopy Dancing going on today!

The December issue of All Due Respect went live with "Times Past" by author Matthew C. Funk.

The Gum Shoe Review is up with lots of mystery novel reviews and the short story, "Joined at the Heart" by Walter Giersbach.

The November issue of New Mystery Reader is up with loads of reviews and an interview with author, Tom Franklin.

And we have more Westerns!! The December issue of Frontier Tales is up also. Don't forget to vote for your favorites!


David Cranmer said...

Thanks, Sandra. Now back to "Under the Sun." No rest. And I like it like that.

sandra seamans said...

Yep, keeping busy is the best! It's always nice to have a project or two going all the time.