Saturday, December 4, 2010

Anthology Reviews

"Night Forms" by Francis M. Nevins is a single author collection reviewed by David Cranmer.

"Wings of Fire" edited by Jonathan Straham and Marianne S. Jablon is a multi-author fantasy collection of dragon stories and reviewed by Mark Rose.

From Patti Abbott's forgotten books series we have an oldie called "Techno-Noir". This is a multi-author collection edited by Eva Batonne and Jeffrey Marks and reviewed by Kevin Tipple.

A new reviewer has hung out his shingle at a place called Road House Reviews. Jack Hardway is reviewing crime ebooks for those who are looking for reviews of your collections/anthologies. He has two reviews up now one for a multi-author collection called "The Killer Wore Cranberry" edited by Jay Hartman and a single author anthology, "Inhuman Condition" by Kate Thornton.
You can check them out here

And while this isn't a review, Loren Eaton discusses his story in the ebook anthology, "Discount Noir", over at Gerald So's Chatterrific

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