Tuesday, December 28, 2010

2010 RIP

Looking back through the blog yesterday, I discovered that we lost nine markets that were crime/noir related. Plus several other good markets for flash and shorts

Ligature Marks was a two issue then gone market. We were to find out later that this was a market run by plagiarist who went on to change his name and start another zine and a publishing house. It's too bad because Ligature Marks had some dandy interviews and published a few great stories in its short run.

PulpPusher closed its doors without explanation and the archives have vanished into the ether.

Feral Pages looked very promising but after two issues, the editor became ill and had to close up shop. These archives are gone also.

ThugLit the one we all aspired to be published in closed it doors after 38 issues and three anthologies. That's a long run for an online zine and the folks behind it were tired and ready to move on to new things, like the new addition to their family. The archives are still up for your reading pleasure.

Scalped was a beautiful looking zine and had a one year run with some great stories and artwork between its virtual covers. Their archives are gone also

Crime & Suspense was supposed to come back this year, but that too, folded with no explanations.

SubLit just disappeared without a word taking with it some amazing stories.

Bloody Bridge Review managed a four month run before closing its doors, the archives are still available.

And Nefarious Muse gave up the ghost but left the archives for their readers.

Also gone is Dogzplot main website. They opted to keep the flash site going but did away with the poetry and short stories.

Burst and Flash Quake were flash sites that closed their doors this year after several successful years of publication each.

And last is Alien Skin who closed up shop after five successful years of publishing sci-fi shorts and flash.


Fred Zackel said...

And I'm not feeling so well myself ....

sandra seamans said...

Oh, cheer up, Fred! Tomorrow I'm going to list the new ones. It pretty much balances out.

Charles Gramlich said...

BTW, I much enjoyed your short in Discount noir.

sandra seamans said...

Why thank you, Charles!

David Cranmer said...

PulpPusher and Feral Pages we're big losses.

Charles beat me to it. I enjoyed "The Gimmick" and that last line: "Damn, ain't there nothing that store don't sell."

sandra seamans said...

Yes, especially Feral Pages because Lyman was looking to do something very different with that zine.

And thanks, David. That's the sort of story you come up with when there's too many story ideas to choose from ;-)