Sunday, December 19, 2010

Shorts, Westerns and Advice

Nigel Bird has a great post on his blog Sea Minor. He takes a look at the reviewers and the art page of his newspaper, The Guardian, but he also has links to podcasts of short stories that the paper is running. Stop on over and have a read, then clickity-click for some listening pleasure.

The results of the Rope and Wire short story contest are in, and the stories are up for your reading pleasure.

Congratulations to the winners:

Bill Henderson
Charlie Steel
Tom Roberts
TT Thurman
Elizabeth Foley

I often stop over to The Storytellers Unplugged blog. There's always good advice to be found and this week the topic seemed to be finding ideas.

While you're there be sure to read Bev Vincent's most excellent essay "Write for the Audience; Write for Yourself" You won't find any better advice about writing for the market vs writing for yourself.

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