Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Story Cupboard

It's either feast or famine around here isn't it? There's no links today, at least not this morning, but I thought I'd toss out a few story ideas that whizzed through my brain this morning while I was watching one of those morning "news" shows.

Now, I haven't been following the WikiLeak story at all. Yes, I've seen mention of it on the Yahoo home page but until this morning I didn't know how exciting it all was. Did you know that there were Hacktivists out there? And a cyber war being waged? Well, I didn't, but I love how new words spring up from the Internet and now a virtual war that affects real life is being waged out here in the ether. Hello?!? For sci-fi writers that must be an amazing idea churn.

But what about mystery writers, you ask? How about a virtual PI? A solitary man who walks those mean virtual streets seeking wisdom and lost children? Well, if Tron can skid around the 'net why not a PI?

Thriller writers? The vast reaches of Mega-Company is taking over the broadband and squeezing out the little guys. I'm sure all your spy types would have a ball combing the vast reaches of the 'net to pull the plug on Mega-Company. Women? Ah...all those porn sites are full of virtual sex for a spy to partake of.

For you literary types? I'm sure if you dig deep enough into a chat room or two, you'll find a passionate coming of age story full of tweet nothings. Yes, I'm being a wee bit snarky. But if you look hard enough, you'll find romance and danger just a mouse click and an imagination's leap away.

And yes, I have a brain that slides sideways in the face of reality. Don't you?


David Cranmer said...

You know I have never pulled from the headlines but I guess I should. So many famous writers like Patricia Highsmith did to great success.

sandra seamans said...

I've never used specific headline stories, but sometimes those headlines tickle an idea in my brain and I take it one step beyond the headlines. It's rather like taking bits of pieces of your life and using them to tell a story.