Saturday, December 18, 2010

Short Story Love

The final flash chapter of "The Chase" was posted over at Top Suspense yesterday. You can catch up with the entire story here And don't forget to drop your guesses for who wrote each section in the comments. There are books to be won!

***A quick update on the Top Suspense contest - Your answers go into an email and you send them to the email address listed. Have fun!

Steve Steinbock of Criminal Brief has a lovely post this week which gives us a peek into the inner sanctum of legendary short story writer, Ed Hoch.

And Keith Rawson gives the short form some love over at Crimefactory's Day Labor blog.

And with a hat tip to Bill Crider we have nine writers who are carrying the torch for men's fiction. The coolest part of this post? There are three short story collections included! Wahoo! I knew men loved short-shorts, and now short stories. and here's the anthologies:
"Everything Ravaged, Everything Burned" by Wells Tower
"Freshwater Boys" by Adam Schuitema
"Aliens of Affection" by Padgett Power with a link at the site for one of his shorts!

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