Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Trending Now Story Cupboard

Yes, another post.  I'm between stories, and banging my head up against a drabble for Patti's challenge, so I'm trolling for story ideas.  Yahoo's home page is a good place to start and their "trending now" can be kind of interesting.  Here's a few that I picked up today.

Black Hole Hunter - Now this is some kind of machine that NASA is getting set to launch.  Yeah, millions into a black hole.  Putting aside my opinion of NASA spending, there's a few ideas roaming around here.  If you write erotica, it's pretty well laid out there for you (pun intended).  But I was thinking more along the lines of a great adventure.  A bounty hunter perhaps searching out black holes where criminals are hiding.  Kind of an outer space Hole in the Wall?

Vacuum Climber - Not sure why this attracted me.  Seems both the Army and some college kids have invented climbing devices.  The Army, for aiding men to climb walls and the students, small robotic climbers.  The idea just tickled my story bone. 

Volcker Rule - J. P. Morgan was complaining about this, so I expect it's something to do with the financial world.  Yeah, me and my coffee can of pennies gives a crap about J. P. Morgan's woes.  But I like the sound of Volcker and everyone loves when the bad guy, and even the good guy has rules they live by or commit crimes to.

Terracotta Warriors - I've seen the pictures of these Chinese warriors that have been buried for centuries and I always imagine them coming to life with maybe Ghenis Khan leading them.  Total fantasy, but you could also create a crime around them.

What Not to Say When a Woman Tells You She's Pregnant -  Well, this one can take you anywhere.  What if your girl tells you she's pregnant in the middle of a bank robbery?  Or maybe on the eve of 12-21-12?  The possibilities for a humorous situation are endless.

Mettalica helps FBI - Okay, they did a public service announcement for the Feds.  But try to imagine a buttoned down FBI guy or girl on the road with a rock band.  They're undercover as...a member of the band, a groupie, a roadie.


Manuel Royal said...

Sandra, these are all interesting things.

If "Black Hole Hunter" refers to the NuStar obsevatory, it was launched this morning. Terrific satellite; can't wait to see what new knowledge it brings us. One of the best possible uses of public funds.

Any criminal who hid in a black hole would be very dense.

I think you mean the Volcker Rule. The idea is to prohibit giant banks from going on multi-billion-dollar gambling sprees with other people's money.

I think those Terracotta warriors would be appalled at the idea of serving a Mongol who conquered their country fourteen centuries after they were buried. But you never know.

Good idea, looking at current news stories for ideas. Here are some others:

In Pennsylvania, a college sports coach is in trouble for allegedly having a bad habit of child-raping. One bizarre aspect to the case is that, as a staff member for an extracurricular activity, he was somehow paid far more than any tenured professor at the college. How is this possible? Mind control rays?

Apparently there's a black market in illegal cosmetic procedures. Right now it involves butt-expanding injections, but how soon before kids are getting extra limbs or genitals installed? (Can't shock Mom with a tattoo and facial piercings? Wait 'til she sees your neck vaginas.)

sandra seamans said...

Yep, the article refered to it as a Black Hole Hunter. Volcker would be right, I misread my k for an h, crappy handwriting. :) I will make the change.

And yes, black holes aren't for hiding in, but it could be the name of a hideout. I tend to just let my imagination take off, doesn't have to make sense until the final draft.

The news is a great place to get story ideas, Manuel. After I posted this I read about Machine Gun Kelly getting sued and I flashed on the prohibition era not the rapper.

Manuel Royal said...

Machine Gun Kelly (the bootlegger, bank robber and kidnapper) was really Charles Barnes; these guys never had just one name.

For instance, "Baby Face" Nelson was George Nelson, but he was actually Lester Gillis -- known to associates as Jimmy.

So there's a rapper using Kelly's name?

Let me back up -- so rap's still around? I don't keep up with pop music.

sandra seamans said...

Yes, surprised the hell out of me, too! My first thought was how did they think they could sue a dead man?