Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Macavity Award Nominees

A big round of Snoopy dances for the short story nominees for the Macavity Awards.  And a special dance for friends of the Corner Barb Goffman and Kathleen Ryan.  Very cool to see A Twist of Noir story among the nominees!

Best Mystery Short Story:

• “Disarming,” by Dana Cameron (Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, June 2011)

• “Facts Exhibiting Wantonness,” by Trina Corey (EQMM, November 2011)

• “Palace by the Lake,” by Daryl Wood Gerber (from Fish Tales: The Guppy Anthology, edited by Ramona DeFelice Long; Wildside)

• “Truth and Consequences,” by Barb Goffman (from Mystery Times Ten, edited by MaryChris Bradley; Buddhapuss Ink)

• “Heat of Passion,” by Kathleen Ryan (A Twist of Noir, February 2011)

• “The Man Who Took His Hat Off to the Driver of the Train,” by Peter Turnbull (EQMM, March/April 2011)

You can find the entire list of nominees over at The Rap Sheet


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Sandra. It sure has been an exciting week.

Kathleen A. Ryan said...

Thanks, Sandra, for your kind words! I'm ecstatic ~ and so honored. Thrilled for all of the nominees. So exciting! It is indeed cool that "A Twist of Noir" is getting recognition. I'm so grateful to Christopher Grant for posing the 600-700 Challenge, and for accepting "Heat of Passion," and giving it a home on "A Twist of Noir."
I'm still pinching myself over the 2012 Derringer nomination for "Heat of Passion," earlier this year ~ it truly was a thrill.
It kind of feels like "The Little Engine That Could." I'm attending Bouchercon this fall, so this is even more exciting!

Naomi Johnson said...

So happy for both Kathleen and ATON's publisher, Christopher Grant!

Kathleen A. Ryan said...

Thanks, Naomi! It means so much to me!