Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Smoking Pen Press - Anthology Call

Smoking Pen Press has posted their third anthology call for their "Read on the Run" series.  This one has no title but the theme is romance.  Stories should be 1500 to 5000 words in any genre so long as romance is the central theme.  The deadline is December 10, 2016 and payment is $25.  You can find the details here.

Yellow Mama - New Issue

The October issue of Yellow Mama has gone live and is free to read.  Check it out.

Dark City Soul Magazine - New Crime Market

Dark City Soul Magazine is a new online crime market.  They're looking for crime stories up to 1000 words.  Payment is $5.  You can find the details here.

Catapult Publishing - Anthology Call

This came through SMFS via Kevin Tipple.  "The Gigantic Book of Tiny Crimes" is looking for flash pieces up to 1200 words that feature noir crime.  The deadline is November 15, 2016 and payment is $60.  You can find the guidelines on their Submittable page.

Computer Woes

Just a note to let everyone know that I'm still alive and kicking.  I wish I could say as much for my computer.  It's been having fits with the screen going black for some reason.  Hopefully I'll be able to get a new computer in the next week or so and everything will be back on track.  Today the darn thing is working so I'm hoping to catch up and post a few markets for you.  Unless, of course, the screen goes black again :) 

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Writing the Crime Scene: Cops Don't Talk Like That

Over at Lit Reactor there's a good article about getting police dialogue right.  Check out "Writing the Crime Scene:  Cops Don't Talk Like That".  There's also some links where you can find some help with getting things right.

Dirge - Call for Non-fiction Articles

This popped up on Twitter for those of you who write non-fiction articles:
Dirge will start paying for articles in 2017, & we're looking for writers to start NOW. Email an intro & samples to editor@dirgemag.com

You can find more information and check out Dirge here.  Also be forewarned that Dirge isn't for people who are easily offended.  They are a paying market (successful Patreon account) but they don't say how much.