Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Out of the Gutter Online

From the folks at Out of the Gutter:

If you haven't heard, Out of the Gutter, "The Modern Journal of Pulp Fiction and Degenerate Literature," is back in action, live online, and taking submissions!

That's right, I said online, meaning that we're publishing direct to the Web, and the best address to catch us at these days is, although we will still answer your clicks at the original address.

And don’t worry, we will be turning out print editions of Out of the Gutter just like in the bad old days, but the material will now be gleaned exclusively from our regular online publication. That means that if we put your story, interview, rant or what-have-you on our website, you may very well wind up in the print journal (which will also be an ebook journal, because we had to move into the digital age sooner or later) and get yourself a little $ and/or an Out of the Gutter Online T-shirt.

In the meantime, we need your comments and shares to kick things off in world-class fashion. Under the editorship of Joe Clifford we have new flash fiction going up twice a week, the latest being "Time Bomb" by Dana C. Kabel, and we have a new BAREKNUCKLES PULP FICTION DEPT. about to launch, with stories going up every Monday, edited by Court Merrigan and taking submissions now.

There are also, either up now or coming soon, reviews, noir news pieces, and author interviews. And if you want to go Gutter on issues of the day, check out the "Opinion Pages," where the views don't necessarily reflect anything any good American is allowed to think about or discuss.

At present there are openings for nonfiction contributors of all kinds, and even more openings for up-and-coming and established pulp writers who would like get their work into circulation and reach our ever-growing audience. If you want to get in on the action, it all starts with visiting


Cyndi Pauwels said...

Broken link :-/

sandra seamans said...

All fixed! I forgot the www.