Thursday, June 21, 2012

Interstellar Fiction

Interstellar Fiction is a new zine looking to launch soon.  They're looking for all types of sci-fi stories in the 1500 to 4000 word range.  Payment is 2cents a word up to 2000 words and a penny a word for all words above 2000.  You can find the website and submission details here

They also have a blog with much more information than the website has right now.


acrousey said...

Hi Sandra,

I'm Adam from Interstellar Fiction. First, let me say thank you for helping to spread the word. Every bit helps.

Also, I had hoped to keep the magazine and blog content separate. The reason why the blog has much more information than the website right now is because we are still reading submissions for our first issue. Once we get that launched, there will be more activity on the website. I promise.

But until then, if you are interested in keeping up with our news and updates, we do post them over at the blog. In fact, I just posted an update last night.

Again, many thanks!

sandra seamans said...

Welcome to the Corner, Adam! I noticed that most new zines are setting up a blog with information these days. I link to both so writers can find out all the need to know. The blogs also keep the websites from getting cluttered :)

Charles Gramlich said...

Cool. This sounds right down my line. I'll check i tout.

acrousey said...

Shoot. I thought I was being unique. Oh well. Please feel free to checK the blog anyways. The editors and I are already beginning to post content. There's an update I posted yesterday. One of our editors, Chris, has started a weekly series titled "The Future, Now." The first post is about the Mars One project. Another editor, Kellye, has already began posting writing tips, with the first set of tips on how to beat the slush pile. So, maybe we aren'arent really unique, but we still like to think that we are.

acrousey said...

Not quite as efficient at the using the smartphone as I am at using a good old keyboard. Sorry about all those typos.