Thursday, June 7, 2012

Last Night's Rant

For those of you searching for last night's rant - I've removed the post.

Now, I'm going to take some good advice that just came my way - "Head down.  Write."


Cyndi Pauwels said...

But it was so well said...and needed!


You're not alone in your feelings there, whether you post them or not.

Thomas Pluck said...

I think I know what you're talking about, I'm arguing over there now. Bitterness and nothing more. The nline crime community does cheerlead its own, but he's being needlessly inflammatory and resorting to hyperbole.

pattinase (abbott) said...

Boy, sorry I missed this--whatever it was.

sandra seamans said...

And he seems to be enjoying it, too, Thomas!

It was just a rant about someone who was slamming short stories, their writers, and readers, Patti. I felt the need to rant, than thought better of it.

Manuel Royal said...

I didn't see any of this, but ... if he (whoever that is) really slammed short stories, their writers, and their readers, he was probably just saying something deliberately idiotic in order to provoke an angry response. In other words, trolling. (Is this a 14-year-old we're talking about?)

I've been reading Ray Bradbury short stories today. Truly a master.

sandra seamans said...

That seems to be his agenda, Manuel. And reading Bradbury is a great way to spend the day!

Anonymous said...

Sandra, I had no idea you had such a low opinion of me and my respect for short stories, their writers, or the online crime fiction community. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE for their to be a healthy market for crime short stories where writers can be read and make decent money.

Before that can happen though we have to HONESTLY asses the current state of crime fiction and why there is such a big difference between it and science fiction and fantasy when it comes to the amount of professional paying markets and respect from professional organizations. I believe it's because there aren't as many readers of crime short stories as some may think there are. How does that make me bitter?

If we can figure out why there aren't more readers of short crime fiction then maybe we can propose solution to the problem. I believe one of the reasons there aren't more short story readers is because mystery fiction, since the decline of the pulp magazine, has been a mainly novel-driven field. Again, I don't say that to belittle short stories or the impact, it's just my opinion from more than a decade in the field as a writer, an editor (both for my own sights and for Random House), a fan, and an observer.

I know you were unhappy with my running of Demolition and Flash Pan Alley but at the time I saw a need in the marketplace that I tried to fill. Obviously I don't have the attention span or personality to run a professional zine. Does that mean I shouldn't be able to contribute to the conversation still?

sandra seamans said...

For the record, Bryon, I did write the rant but didn't link to the post at Do Some Damage or mention your name. And I DIDN'T refer to you as a dumbass. But you've got to admit that when someone twitters about "crapping" on a post about short stories they're bound to be on the receiving end of crap themselves.

I deleted the rant because I realized that you have the right to your opinion, even when many in the short fiction community out here disagrees with you.

I see a lot of good things happening in the field of short fiction. It's growing and the readership is growing right along with it. But everytime something good happens there's some naysayer ready to stand on a soapbox and say short stories are a dead and dying form.

This week it's you, next week someone else.

sandra seamans said...

Thanks, Cyndi. Sorry to say that Blogger dumped your comment in my Spam folder and I just found it.