Thursday, May 2, 2013

Those Rejected Anthology Stories

Yeah, I'm back again.  Michael Bracken passed along a link to a great post by K.H. Vaughan about writing for themed anthologies and special calls and what your options are if the story has been rejected.  She's also asked several editors their thoughts about finding those rejected stories in their slush piles.  Loads of great advice to be found here. 

Thank you Michael!!


Stephen D. Rogers said...

Hey Sandra,

Good timing. Unfortunately. :)


Al Tucher said...

What Stephen said.

I face this issue annually after failing to make the year's MWA anthology. Fortunately, the themes tend to be broad enough that the stories are usable elsewhere.

sandra seamans said...

Sounds you just picked up one of those rejection slips, Stephen.

I think with mystery anthologies it's probably much easier to find another market, Al. I can't imagine how writers find markets for some of those sci-fi/fantasy anthologies though. The themes for some of of them are really out there and recognizable for anyone who follows those markets.