Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Journal of Unlikely Entomology - Call for Submissions

I love reading Twitter feeds because I never know what I'll find.  Today over at Thomas Pluck's feed I discovered a new online zine called "The Journal of Unlikely Entomology".  They publish twice a year in May and December and issue #5 has just gone live.  They are open for subs in any genre so long as the story has bugs.  Payment is 1cent a word for shorts of 1000 to 5000 words and a flat rate of $50 for stories over 5000 words.  They also have special calls for mini issues from time to time with a different payment.  In the guidelines you'll also find a call for "The Journal of Unlikely Architecture" which is looking for stories with buildings. 


Thomas Pluck said...

So, do you have an account? :)

sandra seamans said...

Nope. I have this awful tendency to put my foot in my mouth so I stay away from the social medias.

sandra seamans said...

Except to read them, of course.