Thursday, August 8, 2013

Mocha Memoirs Press - Call for Submissions

Mocha Memoirs Press is is looking for short stories in a variety of lengths for the genres of spec-fiction, romance, and horror.  They have several series with various word count lengths.  They are:

1.  Beauty and the Geek Series
2.  Steamy Mocha Shots Series
3.  Dark Mocha Bites Series
4.  Expresso

There are no payment specifics for these lines but you are invited to query with any questions you might have.  If you click on the Special Calls link in the guidelines you'll find two anthology calls listed.

1.  In the Bloodstream:  An Anthology of Dark Fantasy and Horror.  Word count is 1500 to 3500 with a flat payment of $10.  The reading period begins on August 12 and runs to September 12.

2.  The Grotesquerie:  An Anthology of Women in Horror.  This one is for female writers only.  The reading period is August 31 to December 31 for stories of 1500 to 6000 words.  There's a flat payment of $10.

You'll find the guidelines here for the series with a link (highlighted in red) to the anthologies here.

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