Monday, August 5, 2013

Ezine Updates

So, I was going through the links over there to the right this morning and discovered that both the Blood and Tacos and the Dark Recesses sites are currently down.  Not sure if they're closing up shop or just forgot to renew their site subscriptions.

I'm also going out on a limb here and suggesting that Powder Burn Flash, Darkest Before the Dawn, and Hyper Pulp might be breathing their last as none of these sites have published anything new since November and December of 2012.

And I almost forgot to add that Inner Sins will run its last monthly issue in October.  With their January 2014 issue they will be going quarterly.

UPDATE:  August 6, 2013  Blood and Tacos is back up!


Alexandre Mandarino said...

Hi, Sandra. Just to let you know that Hyperpulp is alive and will be updated in October. keep up the great work on this site.

sandra seamans said...

Thanks for the update Alexandre! Good to know that you're still alive and kicking over there :)