Thursday, August 29, 2013

Buttontapper Press - Call for Ninja Novellas

E-book publisher Buttontapper Press is a new press that has a call for submissions for some Haiku anthologies but if you scroll down the page you'll find a call for Ninja novellas that they'd like to publish in 2014.  They're looking for "creative and humorous takes on the ninja genre".  There's no mention of payment but they're paying a percentage of royalties on the Haiku anthologies.  You might want to query first before you submit to get more details.  You can find the submission guidelines here.

And a caution.  While checking out the press I clicked on their author page and found a list with quite a few of the online crime writers that many of you are familiar with.  I contacted one of the writers and he told me that the owner/publisher, Laura Roberts, had published a story of his and the other crime writers on the list in the special noir issue for Black Heart Magazine.

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