Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Story Cupboard

Okay, so this morning on the news they were talking about people snorting "bath salts". As near as I can figure, it's not your normal everyday bath salts but something new that's laced with mephedrone and gives you the same kind of high as cocaine or methamphetamine. Of course, it does give a whole new meaning to Calgon's old slogan, 'Calgon, take me away!'.

Anyhoo, this lethal bath salt drops the sniffer into a psychotic state. Reading some of the articles, I found that one man committed murder while under the influence and another both slit his throat and shot himself.

The most interesting thing I found while surfing around was a site called and this article, "7 Common Foods That Can Actually Get You High".

They are:

1. rye bread
2. nutmeg
3. sarpa salpa
4. Stilton cheese
5. mulberries
6. poppy seed bagels
7. coffee

So, if you're looking to drive your characters nuts, make them paranoid or sick, this article will give you some interesting new ideas. And while you're at, click around the site, the idea pool is enormous and filled with lots of interesting articles.

****A late addition to this post. Lee Lofland has a post up on his excellent blog about bath salts from a police officer's point of view.


Cormac Brown said...

Ah yes, rye. I was going to do a short story of a M*rm*n polygamist who had an affinity for the bread, and he would meet his demise via ergot poisoning. Alas, I am no Agatha.

The San Francisco Chronicle mentioned the bath salt problem not to long ago, and one of the addicts called it, "riding the 'Ivory Wave.'"

sandra seamans said...

"Riding the Ivory Wave" would make a great title for a story, Cormac!

You don't need to be Agatha to write a story, only Cormac, who writes wonderful stories!