Thursday, February 10, 2011

For the Boys

Brian Lindenmuth sent me this link for a new-to-me online zine called BULL. Looking around the site I found that they've been around since 2009 and are still going strong. What are they looking for? Fiction for thinking men. Of course, being a woman, I could ask the age old question of what are they thinking with, but I'll refrain :) They do have archives so you can check out what they're publishing. This is a non-paying market and there are no length requirements listed. As they say they're just looking for work that will appeal to men. They also accept reprints and non-fiction articles. You can find out more at

The home page mentions an anthology call but when I clicked on the link it didn't take me anywhere, but that could be my computer.


Brian Lindenmuth said...

You missed what would have probably been the only chance to title a blog post here "Bros before Hoes".

I'm a little disappointed :)

sandra seamans said...

Yes, but then everyone would think I was complaining that the bros get all the good gigs and female writers catch the shit. :) Ah...the discrimination of it all!

Jim Harrington said...

You can learn more about BULL on my Six Questions For. . . blog.

Click here.

sandra seamans said...

Thanks so much for the link, Jim! It's always good to have a peek into the editor's mind when writing for a publication.