Thursday, February 24, 2011

Market Notes

If you have a previously published werewolf story Books of the Dead Press is putting together a reprint anthology of werewolf stories. The pay is 1cent a word with March 31 deadline for stories of 1500 to 15000 words. Details here I found this market over at Hellnotes where there's an interview with the anthology's editor.

Over at Cindi Myers Market Report blog there's quite a few short story markets listed, some erotica, and various other genres.

And at DL Snell's Market Scoops comes the word that Necrotic Tissue is closing down.


Conda Douglas said...

Darn--I sold two stories to Necrotic Tissue and love their t-shirts!

sandra seamans said...

It really bites when a market you have success with closes their doors.