Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Queen of the South - On Writing Strong Women

I find it odd that there's not much talk about the TV series "Queen of the South" in the mystery writing community.  I don't do the pay per view channels like HBO or stream programs like Netflix so finding such a great show about a strong woman on the cable channels is very refreshing.  As for the noir angle, it doesn't get any darker.  Just when you think things can't get any worse for Teresa Mendoza, there she is sliding deeper into the shit.

If you want to write a strong woman you won't find a better example than Teresa.  She doesn't wait for a man to save her.  She saves herself.  There are men who help her along the way and they don't do it for sexual favors but because they respect her and what she's done.  She doesn't crawl into a corner and moan in self-pity, she stands up and fights for her life and the people she cares for.  She's a perfect contrast to her nemesis, Camila Vargas, anther strong woman but one who is vicious to a fault.

The contrast between the two women works well as they both admire each other, but they don't trust one another.  It's good to see such well written women characters on TV.  I like that the love interests are kept to a minimum and the relationships between the women are kept at the forefront of the show.


Leroy B. Vaughn said...

Hi Sandra,
Good comments on Queen of the South. It's a good show.
We need more women kicking ass on TV.
Another good show if you can find it is "American Odyssey."
The main character is a female special forces operator, on a mission that goes bad in Mali.
The show came out two years ago. I found it on Netflix.

sandra seamans said...

Never heard of that one, Leroy, but then I don't see a lot of shows that out there anymore. :)

Latrice said...

I love Queen of the South! I really wish there was more promo on it. It should receive so much more credit than it really has gotten. Strong women are the key in this action pack series. I hope it gets more recognition because it is much deserved.

sandra seamans said...

You're right, Latrice. I wonder if it's because the show deals with the drug culture that it's not promoted more.