Monday, August 21, 2017

Fahrenheit Press - Anthology Call - Noirville

This call came through the SMFS group today.  Fahrenheit Press has posted a contest call for an anthology titled "Noirville".  They're looking for stories under 7500 words in the crime/thriller genres.  The deadline is September 30, 2017 and payment is a royalty split.  You can find the details here.


Thomas Pluck said...

Not liking this move toward "royalty split" for anthologies.
The MWA minimum is a measly $25 anyway. I suggested they raise that, in their latest survey. When I look at how SFF and Horror markets pay, crime and mystery seems like we're in the poorhouse.
And I'll be honest, having edited successful charity anthologies, I feel like that's the latest excuse not to pay the writer: we'll donate everything! Except there's no oversight and we never hear how much gets donated. I post when I donate, and I have all the letters from PROTECT thanking me for the donation (with the amount).
What do you think? I'm considering stopping writing crime short stories because the market does not pay.

sandra seamans said...

I understand your frustration, Thomas. I don't care for the royalty splits either but some of them do actually pay, not a lot, but better than nothing. I've suggested before that short story writers try to incorporate horror, and sci-fi into their stories so they can submit to better paying markets.

We do have more paying crime markets and the payment is usually token, but it's better than giving it away. I don't think short story writers will ever see enough money to make a living at writing them as they did back in the thirties and forties. I can't see a good solution coming any time soon.