Monday, August 7, 2017

Emre Publishing - Anthology Call

I'm guessing from the guidelines that this anthology is meant to poke fun at the President.  Emre Publishing has posted an anthology call for "He-man Woman-Haters Club".  They're looking for stories of 3000 to 5000 words that depict "Our-Gang type" plots using characters from a list they have posted which includes politicians and members of the Our Gang TV show.  The setting is Mar-a-Lago in Palm Springs, Florida.  The deadline is September 30, 2017 and payment is 6cents a word.  You can find the details here.  While satire is fine, they're basically looking for humorous stories.


Leroy B. Vaughn said...

Hey, this sounds like real fun, bashing our government. I'm kind of busy at this time, so I'll have to pass.
I did have an idea about a rival gang of anarchists and communists from the Industrial Workers of the World (wobblies), ran by a short fat Asian thug with a 1930's haircut and baggy clothes.
The fat kid could secretly take orders from an unknown political figure from Chicago named Barry.
Barry has a secret partner, a real man hater that dreams of being a carpet-bagger when she moves to New York.
Their goal is to overthrow Spanky, the duly elected President of The He-Man Woman Haters Club.
The End

sandra seamans said...

Good one, Leroy :)