Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunday Linkage

Lots of interesting things around the 'net today, so here's your links.

Twitterzines seem to be the newest craze in writing and with a hat tip to Rafe McGregor, I found this little gem of a zine called Nanoism. Stories of 140 characters or less and they pay. $1.50 for original stories, $1.00 for reprints, and $5.00 for serials. Nanoism also has links to two other zines if you care to check them out. And the url is Have fun you merry band of twitters.

Friend of The Corner, Paul Brazil, has yet another story out for our enjoyment. This Old House is up at Thrills Kills 'n' Chills. A very cool, spooky story. Http:// Happy Snoopy Dancing, Paul!

And Beat to a Pulp has a new story up by Frank Bill called "Tweakers". Stop on by and have a read, then drop back by on Wednesday for the second half of Bill's double bill. Yep, two stories this week! url to the left, folks.

The newest entry in Conversations with the Bookless is up, featuring Jedidiah Ayres

Patti Abbott has pointed us to a new e-publisher called Little Bitty Book Bytes. They're looking for stories in the 3000-5000 word range and while they're looking for mysteries and thrillers, they want it clean. You can find the guidelines here As they are a publisher and not a zine proceed with a bit of caution. There's not much info and they might or might not charge a publishing fee, something you'll have to ask them about if you decide to submit. I've never checked out the e-publishers so I'm absolutely clueless in this area. If someone here has dealt with this type of publishing, please, feel free to tell us all about your experiences in the comments.

And if your rejections are getting you down and you think you're never going to make it in this befuddling business drop on over to Murderati for an excellent and uplifting essay.

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