Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Big SMFS Snoopy Dance

A round of Snoopy Dances for the Derringer finalists. Congratulations to everyone on the list and for you SMFS members - let the reading and voting commence.

The finalists for the 2009 Derringer are:
1000 or Less

Black Pearls by James C. Clar
Incident in Itawamba by Gary Hoffman
No Flowers for Stacy by Ruth McCarty
No Place Like Home by Dee Stuart
This Bird has Flown by BV Lawson

Independence Day by Allan Leverone
Regrets, I've Had a Few by Allan Leverone
Stalkers* by Lew Stowe
Taste for It by Sophie Littlefield
The Cost of Doing Business by Mike Penncavage
Wishing on Whores* by John Weagly


Bonnie and Clyde Caper by O'Neil De Noux
Dead Even by Frank Zafiro
The Art of Avarice by Darrell James
The Big Score by Chris Holm
The Quick Brown Fox by Robert S. Levinson


Haven't Seen You Since the Funeral by Ernest B. Brown
Jack Best and the Line in the Sand by Steve Olley
Panic on Portage Path by Dick Stodghill
Too Wise by O'Neil De Noux
Vegetable Matters by Terry W. Ervin II


David Cranmer said...

Too Wise by O'Neil De Noux was a great read and I'm glad to see Chris Holm on the list. BTAP has accepted a story from Mr. Weagly that is one of the funniest tales I've seen in awhile... All the nominations are well deserved.

Brian Lindenmuth said...

I hope this doesn't sound too weird but I'm glad that there isn't much overlap between the Spinetinglers and the Derringers. Greater exposure for all involved.

sandra seamans said...

I think O'Neil De Noux is one of the best storytellers around, David. Have you read John's story over at the Flash Fiction Offensive this week? It's both funny and repulsive at the same time. I'm looking forward to his BTAP story.

sandra seamans said...

It doesn't sound weird at all, Brian. One thing I've noticed with the SMFS is that most of their final selections tend towards the cozy end of the genre. Very few of the dark crime stories make it to the final short list. And yes, it's great exposure all around, both for the writers and short stories in general.

David Cranmer said...

I haven't but will. He's has quite the twisted humorous touch.

Paul D Brazill said...

The Chris Holm story at BTAP was fantstic so I'll HAVE the check out this one.