Sunday, October 9, 2011

We've Got Shorts!

Here a collection, there an anthology. Short stories are out there folks and finding them isn't all that hard anymore. Don't believe me? Well, David Cranmer posted a list of seven books worth your time and all but two are collected short stories.

Back a year or so ago, Brian Lindenmuth thought the online zines should put together anthologies of their stories so they wouldn't be lost forever. Well, guess what, it's happening! You've got Beat to a Pulp: Round One out there with number two coming out later this year. Crime Factory has issued Crime Factory: The First Shift and Pulp Metal just published Laughing at the Death Grin. All available at in both print and e-reader format.

And reviews! There are more and more sites posting reviews of these anthologies.

Darren Sant reviews Pulp Ink here

Nigel Bird reviews Keith Rawson's The Chaos We Know

Chris Rhatigan reviews Toxic Reality by Katherine Tomlinson

And that, folks, is just the tip of the iceberg. Word of mouth about all these great stories is avalanching across the Internet faster than they're being published. Oh yeah, it's a great and wonderful time to be a short story writer!!


Thomas Pluck said...

There's also one called Pulp Modern that I'm sure you know about, that is currently #8 in short story collections on Amazon.

sandra seamans said...

I've been watching, Thomas. It made it up to the #2 spot today :)

Katherine Tomlinson said...

Thanks so much for pointing people to Chris Rhatigan's review of Toxic Reality. And now I mudy check out Pulp Modern. And John Donald Carlucci's collection 11 Drops of Blood.

sandra seamans said...

Always a pleasure to point readers in the direction of fellow short story writers, Katherine!