Friday, October 7, 2011

The Bone Daddy Story Cupboard

Every once in a while I come across a news story that just begs to be turned into a short story. Yesterday I found this one (On my computer, I had to scroll down the page for the story)

Yep, a man broke into a mausoleum and stole a skull. Odd thing was, he threw it into the river after he stole it. After the floods this summer, there's no telling where that skull might wash up! But the best thing about the story was he likes to be called "Bone Daddy" or "L" for Lucifer. Makes you wonder how tightly he's wrapped.

The woman whose skull he stole passed away in 1926, and they've added her picture to the article since yesterday. It also adds another layer to a possible short story. Why her skull? Just random or did he have a specific purpose?

As a straight robbery story, this has possiblities, but with Halloween coming up, putting a horror spin on this could give you an entirely different way to spin your story. How you ask? Well, you could put a "Sleepy Hollow" twist on it. You could bring in a cult (coven?) of warlocks or witches. Perhaps the woman was a fabled witch or a murderess. Then again, maybe when the police find the skull, they discover that the woman had been murdered. You're only limited by your imagination skills here in the story cupboard.

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