Saturday, October 1, 2011

New Markets

Finding Humor markets isn't always easy and I happened to come across two of them over at Duotrope this morning.

First up is a brand new market called "The Yellow Ham" which is looking to launch in January. They're looking for humor shorts of up to 1000 words. Guidelines are clear but I couldn't find an editor page. This is a non-paying market.

The second one is "Stalking Elk" which is open for subs to their fourth issue with the theme Dream. Word limit is 450 but if the story is great they'll stretch to 700. Guidelines for this issue can be found here deadline is middle of October. Also a non-paying market. One interesting note here, they're using Twitter to post their calls, themes, and deadlines. Home page is Just out of curiosity, are there actual elks in the UK or am I missing the joke?

And it's the first of the month and Duotrope has 60 markets listed that have opened for subs today


pattinase (abbott) said...

I do have a humorous story on the hard drive, but it's like 4000 wrds. Been struggling to think where to send that. I sent it some place called Cynic. But it isn't really cynical so I doubt that will work.

sandra seamans said...

I love writing humor, Patti, but I rarely place it. It doesn't help that my sense of humor is a bit off center :)