Monday, May 18, 2015

Twelfth Planet Press - Anthology Call

Twelfth Planet Press is putting together an anthology titled "Letters to Tiptee".  The anthology "will be a collection of letters written to Alice Sheldon, James Tiptee, or Racoon Sheldon".  They have two lengths and types of letters that they're looking for.  You can find the details are here.  The deadline is June 8 and payment is 5cents a word.


Manuel Royal said...

I haven't read Tiptree in a long time, but her stories remain powerful. "The Screwfly Solution" is one of the more horrifying sf stories ever (and comes to mind sometimes when I read some of the insanity spewed by the more extreme online misogynists).

sandra seamans said...

Sadly I haven't run across any of Tiptree's work, Manuel, some thing I'll have to remedy.