Saturday, October 19, 2013

Argosy Magazine - Call for Submissions

I ran across this call on Duotrope's Twitter feed for a new Argosy Magazine.  They're looking to publish the zine as ebooks and will be paying royalties.  Stories must be over 4500 words.  They have three themed issues you can submit to.  You'll find the calls here.

I have a bit of an uneasy feeling about this market.  Their site first went up on June 16, the calls on July 26, and their guidelines on October 4.  I did find a piece up at the Absolute Write site where the editor/publish has posted his call and answered some questions.  There's nothing bad that I can find.  But there is no editor name on the site and he goes by Dantai at Absolute Write so I have no idea who is actually in charge.

If they do make a go of it, this could be an excellent market for short fiction.


Lancer Kind said...

I've got work accepted by this magazine. I agree the history isn't deep and indications vary to legit to a tiny bit off (or creative). I can't find anything false, and Daniel hasn't asked for anything other than edits to my submission, and his emails have been transparent about who the other contributors are, the email address is, all indications are fine.

Daniel Bazinga

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So if you're interested in getting some great pulp fiction in which I had a hand in making, donate and receive a copy of the first issue, Firefly Legacy. Donations close midnight November 29th 2013.


Lancer Kind said...

Daniel just opened up forums as well.

sandra seamans said...

Welcome to the Corner, Lancer! And thank you so much for the added information.