Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The First Line Story Cupboard

May 1 is the deadline for The First Line's Summer issue.  The starter sentence is quite intriguing, "I started collecting secrets when I was six years old."  I also thought how easy it would be to replace secrets with something else, like fingers or knives, if you'd like to write a story about the birth of a serial killer or a mercenary.  Or perhaps she was collecting fairies or magic or falling stars.  You get my drift, any sentence can be made into a prompt just by the changing of a simple word.  Your story is just a switched out word away.

Oh yes, and The First Line is a paying print market that accepts stories in any genre.  You just have to start your story with their sentence.  Besides this sentence there are two more posted for 2013.


Stephen D. Rogers said...

Hey Sandra,

Subbed to this last month.

I love the concept underpinning this publication, and enjoy writing to a specific theme or prompt, and still have never had a piece accepted by them.

Yet. :)


sandra seamans said...

They are definitely a tough market to crack, Stephen, but I'm sure you will.