Thursday, April 18, 2013

For the Ladies - A Non-fiction Shoe Anthology

This is for the ladies who are mad about their shoes.  If you are having a love affair with the shoes you wear, well, I've got an anthology call for you.  Princess has issued a call for non-fiction essays by women about their love affair with shoes.  Only 1000 words with a payment of $100 and a pair of SoleMates.  The deadline is August 1.  You can check it out here, but beware the site is full of shoes.

UPDATE :  My apologies, Ladies!!  This was posted in 2010.  I saw the April 7 date and thought it recent.  So sorry!

You folks do know that the shoe idea has a lot of promise for a short story, don't you? :)  I really hate the idea of a wasted post.


Stephen D. Rogers said...

Hey Sandra,

What, men don't have a favorite pair of heels?


sandra seamans said...

:) I guess not, Stephen, but don't tell those "showgirls" in Vegas!