Monday, April 29, 2013


Do you ever wonder if the experts actually know what they're talking about?  I was looking at a piece today that showed pictures of the royals, Will and Kate.  Why, you ask?  Because a body language expert was telling the world what they were thinking by "reading" them. 

It was interesting but when you look at pictures one and seven you see Kate standing in exactly the same position.  In one she's pregnant and the other not.  The expert believes that she's protecting her baby in the first and the second one shows how confident she is.  I wondered if he considered the fact that she was holding a clutch purse in both photos.  In picture number five she's touching her ear and the expert says it's a coy and submissive move.  Ummm maybe she just needed to scratch her ear?

I'm sure that body language plays an important role when the police are doing interrogations but how can you actually get a true read with a photograph? 


Fred Zackel said...

It's true: every woman I have ever known, when she touches her ear, she wants to be submissive to me. Or she has an ear infection.

sandra seamans said...

You're such a lucky guy, Fred! :) Or do the ear infections outnumber the submissives?