Tuesday, April 16, 2013

New Markets

I've been a little shy of new markets lately.  Many of them post up guidelines and even offer payment but never seem to get that first issue off the ground. 

Today I found two new markets, the first is The Dragon and Wolf which sounded decent but there's no pay and the first issue isn't going to launch until Spring 2014, yet they're open for submissions.  That's a long time for a short story to sit in limbo, especially for a non-paying online zine.  Which begs the question, why set up your site and open submissions a year before launch?  Or is it supposed to be 2013 and they've made a huge error on their submission page? 

The other market seems a little more promising.  FictionVale has set up a reading period of May 15 to July 1 for their first issue.  All genres are welcome.  Stories up to 5000 words with payment of 2cents a word which they're hoping to raise in 2014 so they meet the requirements of the various associations that have awards.  So they have a plan in place and plenty of help on board.  Hopefully they'll make it.

Submitting to new markets is certainly a crap shoot these days, so take your time and check them out before sending a submission.  Not all markets are created equal. 


Venessa G. said...

Thanks so much for the shout-out about Fictionvale. We are very excited! Our primary goal is to help writers. We believe we can do that by offering great stories to readers. And we appreciate the help in getting the word out!

Venessa G
EiC - Fictionvale Magazine

sandra seamans said...

Welcome to the Corner, Vanessa!

David Cranmer said...

Best of luck to all the new zines. Plenty of room. C'mon.

sandra seamans said...

Yes, there's lots of room for more markets, David, but I've been so disappointed lately in the number of markets that call for submissions then never follow through.