Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Ten Favorites

Happy New Year, Everyone!!

I read a lot of short stories this year so picking just ten of my online favorites was one of the most difficult things I've done this year.  In no particular order here are a few of my favorites:

Pox by Patti Abbott 
Patti had so many stories published this year that it was hard to pick just one, but I really loved Pox and the way she stretched her writing muscles into the Western genre.

Winter by Heart by Charles Dodd White
I discovered Mr. White a couple of years ago and his stories always blow me away with their tragic endings.  He writes sadness beautifully.

Triangulation by Anonymous 9
I'm always fearful when I read one of Anon-9's stories.  She has a knack for turning my stomach at times but this story was different from her usual fare and a wonderfully written story.

A Job for Two by Eric Beetner
I love humorous crime stories and Eric just really nails the humor here.

Dust Clouds by Jane Hammons
Ms. Hammons is one of the newer writers I discovered this year.  She had a great story over at Shotgun Honey called Mapping the Territory but Dust Clouds really blew me away.

White People Problems by Thomas Pluck
Thomas also had a slew of stories published this year but I really loved this one.  For me, it hit the cozy side of mystery and as I read it I kept thinking he could have grabbed a spot at EQ or AHMM with this story.

The Rapture of Amee Grape by Brad Green
If you're looking for a prime example of noir, The Rapture of Amee Grape is your story.  It doesn't get any darker than this.

In the Wee Hours by John M. Floyd
I've been a big fan of John's for a long time.  He has a wonderful sense of humor that just makes this story work on so many levels.

The Dead Never Forget by Tina Lonergan
I figured this for a ghost story when I first started reading but the haunting is so much deeper.  A great piece of flash by a writer who was new to me.

Mcdojo by Gerard Brennan
Mr. Brennan just really rocked the ridiculous with this wonderful flash piece.

Happy reading!!


pattinase (abbott) said...

I read a lot of these in 365 this year and it is astounding how many great stories you can find online. Thanks for the mention, Sandra. High praise coming from you.

Thomas Pluck said...

Thank you very much, Sandra. That's some great company you put me in. And for the record, I submitted that story to EQMM first and it was rejected. I should have sent it to Hitchcock, but I was very impatient at the time, and couldn't bear the thought of sending it through the mail and waiting.
I'm better at that now. The instant validation of online publication is addictive, and it's no good being addicted to anything.
I have a few twisty story ideas in my head that will see EQ and AH first, when I am done editing the novel, in a few months. And "White People Problems" will be a novel in the Elmore Leonard tradition, sometime soon. Hazeldeen, Bobby, and the Five Stages of Grief will return. Thanks for remembering the story and sharing it.

Jane said...

Thanks so much, Sandra, for including me on your list and for a great reading list. Happy New Year!

Gerard Brennan said...

Ah, here! Thanks so much for the wee ego boost. Cheered me up on the last day of my holidays from the dayjob.


Katherine Tomlinson said...

Great list! Lot of good stories to sit down with. Happy New Year to you and thanks for all you do here on the column!

Elaine Ash said...

Sandra, this is a fantabulous list and it never occurred to me to do a Top Short Stories list. I shall Tweet you immediately.
Elaine Ash
A/K/A Anonymous-9

sandra seamans said...

Thanks to all of you for providing some great stories this year!!