Saturday, August 11, 2012

Saturday Musing

The movie "Rock Star" was on today which got me thinking about childhood dreams.  We all grow up dreaming about what we want to be or do with our lives, but it struck me that boys and girls have way different dreams.

In general, boys dream of being, yeah, rock stars, or sports stars, or firemen, or policemen.  Girls, on the other hand, dream of being wives and mothers, or writers, or owning a small diner or coffee shop, or....You see, the thing is women don't seem to dream big.  I wonder why that is?

Do we intentionally seek out the quiet/safe things in life?  Or is it something we're taught to expect out of life, the small dreams that never cast us in the spotlight. 

Of course, not everyone who dreams big achieves that height of superstar status that they're looking for, men or women.  Life is what it is and we all learn to live with the hand life deals us.  But sometimes, I just wish that I'd dreamed way bigger than I did.


pattinase (abbott) said...

I wish I had dreamed as big as my daughter did although it means giving up a lot and working around the clock. Not sure I am cut out for that.

sandra seamans said...

It does take hard work to make your dreams work, Patti. And what Megan has achived is phenomenal.

Oscar said...

It's never too late! Dream on!

sandra seamans said...

Oh, I still have a few dreams left in me, Oscar, they're just not of huge "Rock Star" variety.

Brian Lindenmuth said...

My kids had VBS a couple of weeks ago. On the final day all of the kids hosted a feast that friends and family were invited to. They had made some sort of bread and while it was being served I heard one of the girls fathers say to the pastor "great, now that she knows how to bake bread she's ready to keep house".

He said this without irony or sarcasm.

I spend time showing my daughter videos and pictures of women athletes, scientists, newscasters, astronauts, etc. because why wouldn't I?

sandra seamans said...

She's a lucky girl. My father informed me that college was a waste of money because I'd just wind up getting married and having kids and never use an education.

He did offer to send me to beauty school so I could open a beauty shop in my home once I was married. After all, that's what all the other girls were doing at the time. Promblem there was that hair and I don't get along.

Stephen D. Rogers said...

Hey Sandra,

But I thought writers WERE rock stars.


sandra seamans said...

Of course they are, Stephen. But there's more of us playing in garage bands than hitting the stage in some big arena.