Sunday, August 19, 2012

Dirty Noir

Looks like the zine "Dirty Noir" has bit the dust.  The site has vanished into the ether.  Not surprising since there's been nothing posted or updated since last December.


Ben said...

Sad. They were a good squad. I got tipped that things weren't going to well, when Doc O'Donnell left for a life-changing trip at the other end of down under. He's happy and in love right now, according to his Facebook account. Anyway, I'm sure they will rise from the grave.

sandra seamans said...

Quite a few writers had stories accepted for his print issue that still hasn't seen the light of day. He may be happy but I'm sure the writers whose stories have been on hold for a year aren't.

Even if he does start up again, not many writers will trust him. I've seen this happen with other editors and the writers won't keep following an editor they can't trust to get the work published.

Ben said...

I get what you mean. Didn't know this fell halfway through a print issue.

sandra seamans said...

In his last note on the site in December he said the print issue would be published in January - it wasn't. I kept checking back, hoping he'd follow through.

I know life gets in the way for many people who start up zines but I find it sad when writers are left hanging because that editor keeps telling them he's going to get the issue out. Especially when all he has to do is release the stories back them when he knows it's not going to happen.