Saturday, August 18, 2012

Finding Markets

Most of you come here looking for markets for your short stories.  Truth is, I'm only one source and I don't have every market that's available out there.  Which also means that places like Duotrope and Ralan don't have everything either.  Though they do have a much wider selection as I basically search for crime markets, anthologies, and flash markets.

Take this morning, I did a search through Yahoo using "anthology calls 2013" and found the four markets that I listed below.  None of which were listed on Duotrope.  There were also plenty of other markets in that search for poetry, non-fiction, and loads of erotica markets.  The comic anthology was just one listed for art work. 

There are thousands of markets out there, both paying and non-paying.  If you're a writer looking to place your stories, don't trust just one source, use every available source you can find.  Including using Yahoo and Google to do searches.  If you have a story for a specific genre you can narrow your search by using something like "calls for Western anthologies".  If you use a date like 2013 it helps get you to the current calls so you don't have to wade through calls from years ago.

And no, I didn't come up with the search idea on my own.  It was passed along through SMFS by Michael Bracken.  It's always good to listen to those who have been in the trenches for a long time.  They know all of the tricks to finding new markets.


Michael Bracken said...

And don't forget real-world searches, Sandra.

I still visit newsstands and thumb though actual magazines. Some non-fiction magazines that devote a small portion of their publication to fiction or that publish fiction only occasionally don't have a good Internet presence and/or don't post their fiction submission requirements online.

Some of my best sales (in terms of dollars received) have come from publications I found this way.

David Cranmer said...

Always appreciate what you do, Sandra. Gracias.

sandra seamans said...

Another good tip, Michael! I don't think of this one often because most of the magazines I find around here don't have fiction.

Thanks, David.

Rick said...

Yeah, but you're still the best!