Thursday, January 4, 2018

Crime Fiction Market Roundup 2017 - Closed Markets

It's that time again to post my lists of crime market closings.  2017 was a tough year for markets.  We lost quite a few short story markets but also many of our small press novel markets.

1.  Crime Factory was listed last year but their website fell off the grid this year making it official.
2.  Betty Fedora published it's fourth issue in December but their website has also vanished from site so I'd guess that they're also closed.
3.  Plots with Guns came back last year then closed again after a couple of issues.
4.  Red Room Magazine opened for submissions, published one issue, then closed.
5.  After raising $55,000 with KickStarter Gamut managed to publish for one year then closed their doors.
6.  FictionMagazine renamed themselves Storyteller then folded due to issues with Amazon.
7.  Red Sun managed one issue then folded.
8.  Untied Shoelaces of the Mind closed after many years of publishing.  If I remember correctly their site was hacked and they weren't able to come back from the problems it created.
9.  Alt History closed after several years and ten issues.
10.  A Twist of Noir 2.0 came back this year but haven't published any new stories since March.
11.  The website of Mainly Murder Press disappeared into the ether this year.
12.  DarkFuse which published both short stories and novels declared bankruptcy and closed up shop.
13.  Tyrus Books was closed by their Parent Company.
14.  280 Steps closed up shop.  They published both novels and novellas.
15.  And Blasted Heath closed up due to low sales.

Not a good year for crime fiction markets.


Jacqueline Seewald said...


Thanks for all these updates. You are always helpful with information.

sandra seamans said...

Glad to help, Jacqueline.