Thursday, January 4, 2018

Crime Fiction Market Roundup 2017 - New Markets

And now for the better news - crime fiction markets that have opened this year.  The good news is that most of them are paying markets, not high paying but better than nothing.

1.  Econoclash Review has filled their first issue and are seeking stories for number two.  Pays $10.
2.  Automata Review is seeking literary/genre stories.  First issue is supposed to be up this month.  Pays $25
3.  Black Cat Magazine has published one issue and filled the next two with their last submission call.  They pay 3cents a word.
4.  Tough is an online crime zine which has published regularly this year.  They pay $25.
5.  Mystery Tribune has published three issues this year.  They don't list pay specifics.
6.  Story & Grit is a non-paying online crime market.
7.  Selene Quarterly is a theme based online zine.  More literary than crime but many of their themes will work for dark crime fiction.  They pay 3cents a word.
8.  Down & Out Magazine opened their doors this year and have published two issues so far.  This is a print magazine.  They pay $25.
9.  Pulp Modern closed last year then reopened after merging with The Digest Enthusiast.  They pay $10.
10.  While Spinetingler has always been around this year they merged with Down & Out Books to publish their first print issue.  They pay $25.
11.  Hallmark Publishing opened up for novel submissions this year.  Pay specifics aren't listed.
12.  And while they don't seem to be open for submissions Noir Nation has published their sixth issue, updated the website, and say they'll be opening for submissions as a paying market.  Time will tell.

Not many new markets this year but a few is better than none.  Good luck with your submissions this year!


Manuel Royal said...

Thanks, Sandra!

Haven't written crime in a bit. Thinking of revisiting an insane killer I used last year.

Manuel Royal said...

Though I long for the days when a prolific pulp writer could make a decent living with short stories. Ah, well.

sandra seamans said...

I know the feeling, Manuel.

Dara said...

Many thanks for the round-up, Sandra. This is quite helpful! Best wishes for the New Year.

Sati Chock said...

Thank you, Sandra! Happy New Year!

S G Vassilev said...

Great job, Sandra!