Friday, September 26, 2014

Saddlebag Dispatches - New Western Market

This market came through SMFS today via Kevin Tipple.  Saddlebag Dispatches is a new quarterly ezine looking for short stories, poetry, and non-fiction in the Western genre.  The first issue is up so you can get an idea of what they're looking for.  There's no mention of pay, so assume this is a non-paying market unless they tell you otherwise (hopefully).  You can find the details here.

UPDATE:  September 30, 2014 - I received an email from the head honcho over at Saddlebag Dispatches.  While they don't pay cash, they do provide advertising space for your work.  Here's what he has to say:

 Sandra  Saddlebag Dispatches  has a nice program in our quarterly

magazine for folks writing western short stories, serialized novellas and

articles we publish. We offer them a full page ad for their book when it

comes out or  in the issue their story comes out which is their option

Getting your book to the western reader is hard. We wanted this to be the

the magazine that western readers go for to read free and see your ads

We are getting lots of friendly well wishes--we appreciate anyone telling

their fans about it. we also have a reasonable advertising rates for authors

We're here for the long run  Dusty Richards

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