Friday, December 20, 2013

Advent Ghosts 2013

Loren Eaton invited me to participate in his fifth annual Advent Ghosts challenge.  It consists of writing a ghostly (or horror) Christmas story in one hundred words.  And, gulp, I accepted.  Here's mine and you can find the links to all the stories at Loren's blog.  Merry Christmas, Everyone!

by Sandra Seamans

Frowning, Kristen studied the two gaily wrapped gifts hoping for a clue.

"You have until midnight.  Heaven or hell, my dear?"

Kristen shifted her gaze to the bearded man sitting across the table from her.  Dressed in a fur trimmed red suit, he reminded her of the magical Santa she loved as a child. 

"We know what your preference would be, don't we?"

An evil grin slithered across his Krampus face.  “Your joyous Christmas or mine?”

With the first chime of Christmas bells Kristen chose.  Her soul mourned as she ripped open the box and hell’s sorrow filled her heart.


J F Norris said...

Loved it! I just discovered Krampus last night when I was looking for eerie Christmas illustrations for my little contribution. (He's in the card at the bottom of my post) I wonder why there are so few horror novels or stories about this European mythologcial creature. He's overdue for exploration and exploitation.

Loren Eaton said...

Krampus! We always need more Krampus stories. I hadn't heard about him about a couple of years ago. Well done, Sandra. Thanks so much for joining us.

sandra seamans said...

Thank you Loren and John! I just discovered Krampus this year myself when there was an anthology call for Krampus Christmas stories. It only seemed fitting to give him a nod. :)

Michael Morse said...

Nicely done, Sandra, I just found out about Krampus, or TV's version of him myself, he was on an episode of NBC's Grimm, which is actually not all that bad!

Elizabeth Gaucher said...

Krampus! Oy. Very, very scary. Great work.

pattinase (abbott) said...

Nice, Sandra. I found this very hard. From flash to drabble is more than a few hundred words.

Ken Leonard said...

Fun story, Sandra!

Manuel Royal said...

Nice, Sandra! I liked Krampus before Krampus was cool. Wish I'd known about Advent Ghosts in time to offer something.

Joseph D'Agnese said...

Love the krampus. Wonderful style. Thanks.