Saturday, July 27, 2013

Jamais Vu - New Market

Post Mortem Press has issued a call for submissions for their new quarterly magazine "Jamais Vu - The Journal of Strange Among the Familiar".  The reading period will begin on September 1 and end October 15.  They are looking for dark fiction short stories of 2000 to 4000 words with payment of 5cents a word.  They are also looking for book reviews, film reviews, poetry, and non-fiction.  The managing editor is Paul Anderson.  The first issue will release on January 15, 2014.  The theme for this issue is strange among the familiar.  You can find the details here.  Post Mortem Press is also open for novel submissions at this time.  You can check them out here.


David Cranmer said...

"The Journal of Strange Among the Familiar." I very much like that and see it all around me these days.

sandra seamans said...

Yes, if you leave yourself open there is so much strange to find around you. I remember once walking through an empty parking lot and smelling my grandfather's pipe tobacco. He'd been gone for several years at that point but it gave me the feeling that he was watching out for me.

After one of my aunts passed away I was struggling with my writing, scared to death of failing, and I heard her voice. She said, "Don't be afraid, I'll be your wings." I haven't stopped writing since and when I'm afraid I just remember her words.

All strange but in an odd way, very comforting.

Dusty said...

The pipe tobacco thing isn't so strange. Memories are linked heavily to scent and taste, moreso than vision or hearing. So if you got a whiff of pipe tobacco it would definitely bring back that memory even if it was far removed from your current situation.

But if you're hearing voices....yikes for you! =)

BTW I'm up on Shotgun Honey this week. The tense switches back and forth unfortunately, but other than that it aint bad.

sandra seamans said...

Only the once, Dusty. Well, except for when the characters in my stories are chatting away :) and those I always hope to hear.

Congrats on your publication. I'll watch for it.

sandra seamans said...

Ooops, I read that one on Friday, Dusty. Nicely done!