Sunday, July 21, 2013

Broken River Books - Anthology Call

I received this email this morning from author/editor J. David Osborne:

My name is David Osborne and I am the editor-in-chief of the new crime fiction imprint Broken River Books. I am currently working on an anthology, and Brian Lindemuth suggested I contact you regarding getting the word out:

"Next year, Broken River Books will release a crime fiction anthology, which I am tentatively calling INCOGNITO. In this book, all of the authors will be writing under pseudonyms, and will be required to sign a gag order so that they cannot divulge their involvement. This will be writing at its purest: without any thought of the value of your name brand. These could be friends of mine telling these stories, these could be famous authors (a few of which are already on board), these could be first-time strangers. No one will ever know. The compensation is as such: all of the royalties, every penny, will go to the authors. I'll front the cash for it, you reap the benefits. Kind of an inversion of the "no pay, but exposure" wank-off shruggery. No one will cherry pick this antho to read their favorite author's pieces. Everyone is nameless. No one will gain anything: there will only be a fucking solid block of writing. Send your submissions to brokenriverbooks @ If this idea seems mind-bogglingly dumb to you, you are cordially invited not to participate."

The deadline for this is December 31.  At the moment they have no active website but you can find out more about the press and Mr. Osborne at this link.

UPDATE:  December 2, 2013  Here's a link to their new Twitter feedAnd their website link.

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