Thursday, September 17, 2009

A Pair of Markets

A couple of new Press markets popped up on the radar today. Well, actually, I found one at Duotrope and Paul Brazill gave me the lead on the other. Both are looking for short stories for new anthologies.

Jersey Devil Press is based in, yep, New Jersey. Besides the book side of their business they're starting an online journal for short stories, the first issue due out in October. All stories submitted to the journal are also considered for the anthology. And the maximum word count will be 4000. I can't find any mention of $$$'s so I'm assuming there's no pay. You can find their guidelines here You'll find a description of what they're looking for in a story on the right of that page in the About Us section.

Blade Red Press is based in Australia and they're looking for dark speculative fiction up to 7500 words. The submission period is September 17 to November 30. They're paying AUD$25 through PayPal. And, I'm reading through the old posts here and discover that there's no url. So here you go

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