Saturday, April 14, 2018

RIP Patrick F. McManus

I was sad to read that author Patrick F. McManus passed away.  He was an absolute treasure in our home.  My youngest son struggled with reading in grade school and I bought him a subscription to Outdoor Life, something that would interest him.  He loved McManus' "Exit Laughing" columns.

In Junior High he discovered that the school library had some of McManus' books and he brought home three of them one weekend.  That Sunday we sat and read the books laughing out loud and reading bits and pieces to each other until we were all nearly peeing our pants.

I remember best the story of Pat and Crazy Eddie Muldoon building a plane and "flying" it off the roof of the barn.  Other stories with Rancid Crabtree took us on hunting adventures that nobody should ever experience.  If something could go wrong it usually did and with the readers laughing hysterically.

Pat McManus gave our family laughter and gave my son a reason to read a book.  As writers we never know how our words can help people.  Thank you Mr. McManus for your gift of wonderful words and a house full of belly laughs.

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