Friday, July 24, 2015

Solarpunk Press - New Market

Solarpunk Press will be opening for submissions on Monday, July 27.  They're looking for short stories of 2000 to 5000 words that feature worlds powered by any type of solar power.  Payment is 3cents a word.  They will be publishing one story a month in both audio and text form on their site.  You can check out the details here.


Manuel Royal said...

The anthology sounds interesting, but I don't think they understand the significance of the "punk" suffix. (The Steampunk people seem to have forgotten it too.)

Thanks for the info, Sandra!

Manuel Royal said...

I should elaborate on that a bit, now that I've read the About section of the website (for the Solarpunk anthology). What they have in mind, apparently, is in part a reaction to Cyberpunk; kind of an anti-Punk Punk. Which is like post-post-modernism, which occasionally works, but in this case, they want stories with optimism and "trigger warnings". They should really just drop the "-punk" suffix.

(And further reading shows they don't understand Steampunk either, and should read Moorcock's "Nomad of the Time Streams" trilogy. Most of what's being done now seems to be what I'd call Gaslight Romance, which is fine, but, again, not Punk.)

I do have my little opinions. Sometimes even bore myself. Maybe I'll write something to submit, and the editors can give me the hiding I deserve.

sandra seamans said...

Go for it, Manuel! You might surprise them.