Friday, August 29, 2014

Shades of Terror - New Market

There's a new quarterly Horror market setting up shop called Shades of Terror.  They're looking for stories that cross genres in the mode of The Twilight Zone so crime stories could work well here.  They need stories of 1500 to 7500 words and payment is 5cents a word.  If they podcast your story payment is 1cent a word.  I'm not sure if this in addition to print or instead of.  They're also accepting book reviews and paying a small payment plus the cost of the book as they aren't supplying copies.  You can check out the details here.

They don't have a submission address for shorts and book reviews up, only for the art submissions.  I've contacted them and asked if it's the same addy for everything and will let you know.  The address goes to a John May so I'm assuming he's the editor as there is no about page with an editor's name attached.

Just a quick update.  I haven't heard from the editor but he's changed the guidelines to include the email address for each type of submission.

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